Surveys for Home Buyers

Your property is likely to be one of the largest investments you will make, and with this in mind it is wise to make sure that it is sound and suitable for your requirements, and that you are paying the right price within the marketplace. The surveyor will inspect the fabric of the building for damp and timber defects, roofing, joinery and structural movement as well as passing an opinion on electrics and heating systems. A survey ensures that you find out about potentially costly defects before you buy, rather than being faced with unexpected and expensive repairs when it is too late.

We carry out surveys which are licensed and designed by the RICS, and which are tailored to the needs of the residential marketplace. Click here for the RICS Home Surveys Information Sheet which gives a comprehensive breakdown of the types of survey offered and their relative benefits, or watch their short film on choosing a survey by clicking on this link:

Whilst those buying with a mortgage will pay for a valuation to be carried out on behalf of the lender, it is important to remember that this is simply a valuation – often the valuer spends very little time in the property and their brief is simply to make sure that the lender is adequately covered in terms of their investment. They are not acting with your best interests in mind and will not carry out any sort of in-depth survey of the property.

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